Learning Management System TRIFILLI

No limits

There is no limit on the number of concurrent and registered users.

User accounts

There are two types of user accounts in the DLS: for individuals who study independently and for business training their staff.


You are able to design courses in any required format. Also, you are able to select questions for quizzes and tests.

Payment systems

You can connect the DLS payment system, write invoices (for businesses), and issue receipts (for individuals).

About the project

The idea of this project was born several years ago, when we received a request to create a basic web site for an on-line training. We completed the project and continue maintaining the site. Over time, the quality of our program improved and reached the highest standards and efficiency. After an intensive and prolonged analysis, we discovered the key to an effective distance learning system.

We are excited to introduce you to the latest version of this product.

We would like to point out that this is not an one-time installation program. We’ve got very involved in the developing of a perfect distance learning system, and plan to release a version of the DLS at least once a quarter.

We believe that education centers are not just our customers, but they are also our partners. They are always welcomed to share their ideas on how to improve our system. We carefully review provided recommendations and include the most interesting ideas in our work plan.

DLS Trifilli is ideally suited for education centers that work with businesses as well as with individuals. Trifilli was created to fulfill needs of such education centers.

In the system, there are two types of user accounts: user accounts for individuals and user accounts for businesses.
Business accounts allow to submit on-line requests and monitor their employees performance and learning progress.
Personal user accounts allow to pay for courses, review training material, and take on-line tests based on acquired knowledge.
In addition, the system can automatically fill out applications, receipts, contracts, and invoices based on previously saved financial information, and provides an option to connect to the on-line payment system.

The DLS complies with personal data protection law.

For additional information about the system, please refer to the page FEATURES